Telus International New Job Opportunity for website annotators

Telus International New Job Opportunity for website annotators

TELUS International is currently looking for website annotators with fluency in English to label images, videos, and product descriptions in a web-based tool.

Availability for consistent participation (preferably 20 h/week)

Workload: The weekly workload will depend on task availability. Requires consistent participation, preferably 4h per day (20h/week) 

Workplace: Work remotely from the comfort of your own home on a self-directed schedule.

Expected Project Duration: Until December 2021 

Payment: 4 USD/hour

If you are interested in this position, please register for the project by following the steps below: 

Registration: (Please click blue underlined text to go to the respective link) 

Step 1: Fill the Form: Registration Form

Step 2: Join Labor Cloud:  English (India) Speakers

Make sure you pass short English test and accept our Service Agreement in the Labor Cloud. 

If in case you failed English Test, try to attempt these tests: Basic English Proficiency Test (A2) &  Advanced English Proficiency Test (B2) to move forward with your application.

Step 3: Perform Short Quiz: Short Quiz…/1FAIpQLSfzpV015pSSFe…/viewform

Make sure you have WorkMarket ID (Number) before you start with the test.

Kindly review the guidelines links attached. [File 1], [File 2], [File 3]

Please note that you will be able to attempt to pass the quiz up to 3 times maximum. 

Need atleast 10/11 to move forward with your application.

Reference : BMI Discord and posted by Digitalbazaari

ID: Wait for 40s

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