Usertesting Review : Earn Money By Testing Apps and Websites in India

Usertesting Review : Earn Money By Testing Apps and Websites in India

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Usertesting Review : Earn Money By Testing Apps and Websites in India

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Earning Method

UserTesting pays you to test websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. You can be asked to test an app/website which is under construction or even live.

Testing apps and webistes are fun and offers a new experience each time bundled with much better pay than most other categories of beermoney.

Eligible Countries

India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Canada and USA.

Earning Amount

You get paid 10$, 30$ or 60$ depending on the review length. While UserTesting is a great way to earn a few extra dollars on the side, it won’t make you rich. The number of opportunities you receive will depend on a number of factors, such as your demographics and your quality rating.

Sometimes you will receive an invite but it will be grabbed by other testers like you. So be ready to book a slot for any test/ invite as soon as it appears on your Usertesting Dashboard

Payment Method

UserTesting pays via PayPal. You must have a PayPal account and live in a country that can receive PayPal money transfers. You will receive your payment exactly 7 days after completing a website or app test.

Additional Skill Requirements

A PC or Mac, an internet connection, and a microphone. You’ll need an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Android tablet If you’d like to take Mobile tests and Ability to speak your thoughts aloud in English.

How to Earn from Money from Usertesting

1. Visit this link to head over the Usertesting Website

2. Once you open the website click on ‘Get Paid to Test’ as highlighted in the image below.

3. Enter you email address in the field provided and accept the terms.

4. You will get an email from the company regarding the qualifying test. You will be able to take up paid tests once you clear the qualifying test.

5. Happy Earning!

Tips for Passing the The First Test in Usertesting

If you are new to testing stuff then you should read this in order to pass your entrance sample test on Usertesting in your very first attempt to avoid failing in the Usertesting Sample test.

While attempting your sample test

– Be in a quiet room, turn off the fans for better good

– Use an earphone to record your voice, Double check your audio clarity before starting. A basic earphone bundled with most smartphone or the entry level earphone will serve the purpose

– Speak up your thoughts loud and clear

– Even if u are unable to find anything which is asked in the screener say that and speak what you are thinking. I know its sounds easy but that’s a bit little hard for peeps who don’t speak out most of their thoughts.

– Before submitting the recording you should verify your recording to make sure you spoke clearly

The researchers want to know what the tester is thinking and what suggestions/ improvements they can get. If you follow these steps then you will surely pass the examination

Frequently asked Questions about Usertesting

How can I pass the entrance test on the website?

The entrance test on the website is very self-explanatory and you are likely to pass if you follow the instructions. There are no “tips” beyond that.

How long before I’m approved?

If you mean “I just took the quickie test on the website (currently the Air & Space Museum test)”, you’ll be reviewed and approved/denied within a day or two. If approved, you will probably start seeing screeners soon (though, as stated below, screener frequency varies).

If you mean “I just took my first paid test, how long until I can take more?” the answer is explained in the sticky.

Where are all the screeners?  Why is it so slow?  It’s slow for me — is it slow for you guys too? I passed the website entrance test but nothing’s showing up on my dashboard, how come?

We don’t know.  We do seem to know that it’s different for everyone.  Prevalence of screeners is likely to be based in part on your profile. Also, North American and UK testers anecdotally seem to see more frequent opportunities than some other parts of the world but again, we’re not sure. There doesn’t seem to be a predictable time of day that you’ll see screeners, but most users report weekends are slower than M-F.

You’ll see members of the sub posit theories about it all but really we don’t know, beyond a belief that your rating may have fallen too low (and we don’t have certainty about what constitutes “too low”, either).

Leave your dashboard open and refresh frequently. Screeners may be coming to you, but being snatched up so quickly you’re simply not seeing them before they vanish from your dashboard.

[After your initial paid test, you will not see any further screeners on your dashboard until UT has reviewed and approved your first test].

I’m getting plenty of screeners but I’m not passing any of them.  Why?

Everyone is in the same boat.  It wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone here to learn that you’ve had 40 screeners and not passed any of them.  The acceptance rate is low, and that’s that.  The number we’ve heard thrown around is roughly 5% but that’s an estimate.

Many screeners are looking for a very specific demographic and that seems to contribute to the low acceptance rate. Frustrating, yes, but if you think about it, if the screeners were less specific, you still probably wouldn’t get to test because then everybody would be eligible to pass the screener so the test would fill up quickly.

How many tests do you guys typically get in a day/week/month?

Some people get multiple tests a day, some people report an average of one a day, and some report a few a month, as well as every other possible answer. It’s going to vary wildly based on your particular particulars and what some other testers get is no indication of any kind that you will get a similar number.

I passed a screener (“Success!”), clicked Accept the Test, and was taken to a page that says All Responses Recorded.  What happened?

Probably, the seats got filled in the moment it took your Accept response to transmit.  This is super common.

When can I expect to see ratings? Why are most of my tests not getting rated?

UT’s customers are the ones providing ratings, and it’s totally at their discretion whether they will rate your test or not. People here in the sub report < 5% of their tests get rated. When you do get a rating, it is usually, but not always, within a week.

What caused my rating to drop? My overall rating dropped but the math doesn’t add up. What’s going on?

You probably got a private “invisible” rating.

Should I include a request for a rating at the end of my test?

No. While it can be frustrating to be rated so infrequently, UT recommends against asking for a rating. It is believed it is more likely to backfire on you than gain you a 5-star rating. UT has said as much in its monthly emails to testers.

Having said that, there’s nothing stopping you and there doesn’t appear to be a prohibition against it in the rules.

I emailed UT support about a problem but haven’t heard back. And/or, I got a 1-star rating but UT hasn’t reviewed it yet. What gives/How long does it take to hear from support?

Nobody knows when or if UT support will respond to inquiries or review bad ratings. They seem to be chronically backlogged. Some people report quick turnaround and others say that support requests just go into an abyss and are never responded to.

Can I make a second account? My first one stopped receiving screeners/my first one has a bad rating/any other reason.

NO.You cannot make a second account. See Section 4.4 of the TOS.

Why am I not hearing a ding? I only hear a ding sometimes and I think it’s broken.

Many people have this issue. The ding is unreliable. Work around by refreshing often.

Live Conversations: what can I expect?

We have had a ton of people ask this. Sift through these search results to see what has been said in the past.

I got a bunch of emails from UT saying “New Feedback Request from UserTesting”. What is this??

OK so not everybody seems to get these, and some people get them a lot while others get them sporadically. They’re simply email invites to take the same screeners that show up on your dashboard. They’re an irritant more than anything else, because by the time you receive and read the email and click on the included link, the screener will almost certainly be gone. I delete them when I see them in my inbox.

You can adjust your UT settings to disable email notifications.

Final Thoughts On Earning Money on Usertesting

Earning money as a Tester is a whole lot of new experience. Usertesting is one of the best platforms for testing in the market, while sometimes you have to wait for some days or even months for doing for first ever Paid Test on Usertesting. Just make sure you have given them correct details and your profile remains updated.

Do the recommended tutorials on the website. They’re very thorough and they do a good job of preparing you, especially in preparing you for encountering a problem while testing. Knowing the difference between Report a Problem and Quit Test is important.

Do not lie when taking screeners. Do not try to game them.  It’s not worth a possible ban. Accept that you won’t pass most of the screeners, just like the rest of us don’t pass most of the screeners.

Rest you can try other testing sites like PingPong, uTest, Userlyics, Validately and other testing sites. If you are an beginner and want to have a flow of income online then read this guide on earning money online

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Usertesting Review : Earn Money By Testing Apps and Websites in India
Usertesting Review : Earn Money By Testing Apps and Websites in India

  1. Hello there, your article helped me out a lot, ah asking that, is usertesting accepting new applications from India? I wanna join soon

  2. Unfortunately Usertesting is currently not accepting any new applications from India

  3. You can try out other sites like Oneforma, Dscout, Usercrowd, Utest which are on the higher paying sites currently and are having good number of projects for Indian users.
    Happy Earnings

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