Dscout Review : Earn Money By Participating in Studies in India

Dscout Review : Earn Money By Participating in Studies in India

We have already talked about how interesting it is to get paid for doing Paid Studies and Partcipating in research studies and Testing from various sites like Usertesting, uTest and many others one such another app is Dscout.

What is Dscout

Dscout ( stands for Digital Scout ) is an research platform wherein you can earn money by participating in their research studies. The Organizations use your feedback and opinion to shape their new products and services.

How to Register on Dscout as a Participant

Visit this link to register on Dscout as a Participant

Dscout Mobile App 

Unlike most other research website Dscout offers an mobile application and believe me this is the best ever experience I have ever had with a research app the reason being Dscout has this app and their platform as smartphone centric unlike other money making platforms which are productive and usable on a PC browser.

Participating in Dscout Studies and Missions

Within the last week and a half I’ve made over $200. So far it’s paid everything within a couple of days and the express “missions” (tests are called missions) are paid instantly. It goes straight to PayPal.

Of course, like UserTesting, you have to qualify for the missions and they can be specific, but not all of them are. The express ones don’t seem to have a screener. They might be 5 to 10 minutes for $2 to $5, which can add up.

Unlike UT, during the screener process for the regular missions, you will likely have to record a 30, 60, or 120 second selfie-style video to answer a question. And rather than hear back instantly someone has to review the video and offer you the mission or not. So the longer tests are not an instantaneous thing.

The express missions are usually a series of questions on a particular product or service (you often view screenshots).

Also, I had a 1 hour live chat with people (video call in the app) which was exactly like a UserTesting live chat (except I used my phone instead of computer) where I answered questions first, then viewed a prototype, and I got paid $70 for the hour, rather than $60 from UT for the same time/experience. It looks like the missions all have different prices, so that is not a standard.

If you don’t mind using your phone, taking a selfie-style video to answer questions, then maybe check it out if you haven’t.

Another thing I like is that it uses the push notifications on the phone to let you know when there’s a mission. In the past, when I could actually get the UT app to work, there wasn’t any notification for new tests, which was annoying.

Your mileage may vary based on demographics, of course. Also, it seems super slow on the weekends, like UserTesting. There are a few screeners that are up when you first log in that they still have openings for, so you could apply to those. Also when you click on a mission, and then find out you’re not interested or not qualified, you can click on the top right corner with the 3 dots and say “not interested” so it doesn’t show up on the feed anymore.

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Dscout Review : Earn Money By Participating in Studies in India
Dscout Review : Earn Money By Participating in Studies in India

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