Trusted Online Money Making Sites to Make More from Home

Below is a list of the best paying sites which you can use to make extra money online without investment and all of these companies have paid us which speaks for its legitimacy


Clickworker is one of the best ways for any beginner to start with online money making without any investment the reason is that the user gets access to the work on the platform real quick. Many users already earn a good amount of money on the platform by doing the tasks on UHRS through Clickworker

Mode of Working : UHRS , Other Tasks and Assessments


uTest is a crowd testing website from the house of Applause that helps various software to get tested under the real usage. You can earn money from uTest by becoming a Tester. The pay rate of any test cycle on uTest tends to be much better than Clickworker’s UHRS platform but what becomes the game in deciding the total money you make at the end of the month is the number of tasks available on these platforms. Since Testing sites offer lesser number of test cycles in general.

Mode of Working : Participating in Test Cycles 


Oneforma is a crowdsourcing site, like Clickworker, wherein you can earn money by completing certain tasks both on the Oneforma website and UHRS. By now you might think how UHRS is again here. UHRS is a Microsoft owned platform where to register as a worker we have use these sites which gives us access to UHRS. To know more about UHRS you can visit the UHRS Guide.

But UHRS isn’t the main source of income on the Oneforma platform alone because Oneforma offers unique projects and hire workers till the project lasts. You can get to participate in each project by applying for it from the Oneforma Dashboard.

Mode of Working : Oneforma Tasks, UHRS


Usertesting is one of the best website make money without leaving home. It pays you to test websites or apps, complete a set of tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. You can be asked to test an app/website which is under construction or even live. You can earn a lot of dollars just by doing a test which lasts for an hour but the thing is the tests slots, like uTest, are less in number, which means you have to be active on checking available tests. You can expect getting 10$ for a 10 min test


YouGov is a paid survey site that can help you make money from home with no experience as you just have to answer easy questions to get paid. 

Yandex Toloka

Yandex Toloka is a site like Clickworker and Oneforma but it is more optimised for mobile users. The best part of Toloka is that it has the least amount of withdrawal limit which is 0.02$ for PayPal. We would suggest to withdraw with Payoneer account ( minimum withdrawal amount is 20$) as it charges lesser fees. At the same time it is interesting to note that the better Toloka seems from the outside it isn’t that since the rate is much less for the tasks you do on the UHRS platform

Final Thoughts On Making Decent Money from Home

If you have read this post till here then hats off you have a great level of patience and as a result we will be sharing this article the Beginners Guide to Make money online from home.

This guide has some basic tips along with the all round websites which work for people that help them earn real money averaging 50K INR a month, on an average you can just try on the sites given in the list and then comment here. We are confident that you will achieve your goal as others too

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