Any suggestion to earn a bit more on Uhrs?

That is the way it is right now. You can earn Maybe $4-5/hr if you choose the right hitapps. Even then you have to constantly keep refreshing the page to catch new hits. Sincere suggestion is to diversify to other platforms and streams like testing, paid studies, etc., so the dry patch doesn’t leave you hanging so bad.

You need to be patient with the current UHRS as these days the more no of workers have just led to the decline in rates of most hitapps

Here are some suggestions which will help you making more money on the UHRS platform than ever before

Qualifying for an HitApp on UHRS

Well this is an overwhelming question asked from many starters on the UHRS platform. I know you might be like when you see a hitapp on the UHRS platform with many hits the only thing comes let’s finish it fast and get some extra money. 

This is where most of us fail sometimes it might happen that the new hitapp may give some charm to our UHRS report by increasing our Total Earnings. But many a times we jump on to the Qualification for the hitapp without even understanding it. If you follow the steps of Understanding Guideline- training – Qualification. You might know whether the hitapp is for you or not.

You need to accept the fact that if you didn’t understand what was given in the guideline for the respective hitapp then it isn’t for you. In case you feel that the hitapp is of good rate you may give it a try. Else target those hitapp which are worth giving your time. Just bookmark those hitapp which are good for you. 

Keep an Eye At the Good Hitapps only

Many people make the mistake of doing any hitapp randomly without even analysing their pay. Some hitapps with good pay come and go. I agree with that. But you need to target the good hitapps only with your eagle eye. I personally don’t do any hitapp that pays below 0.01$.

Sometimes hitapps pay amounts like 0.1$ but take a lot of time in completion like 2 or 3 minutes which amounts to 3$ per hour. There has been a surge of these kinds of hitapps these days. It depends upon personal taste and choice that 3$ per hour is a good rate for them or not

Low Paying Hit On UHRS
Low Paying Hit on UHRS

Make an Habit to Check for New Hitapps 

While it is no longer a hidden fact that most hitapps are added at a certain time. While it may not be accurate to say that hitapps are added at specific time only since on some days good hitapps can ring the doorbell at any hour.

But the probability of the new hitapps being added in the marketplace is highest on these 3 time phrase. The time mentioned are in Indian Standard Time (IST). First batch around 7 a.m, Second and most rigorous batch around afternoon at 1 p.m. Although a mate at Reddit pointed out that time to be 12.30 p.m IST. And the third batch around 7.30 p.m

Most of you will be looking at the 12.30 p.m batch but you know that it’s the most competitive batch. Hitapps that come with 300K hits disappear as if they didn’t even exist. Many of us including me targets that batch as you might be lucky on some day to juice the maximum output.

While I have not got much tries in my 15 days of work at UHRS to experience the morning hits. Thanks to late night tech.  For that one morning instance I got an hitapp that paid me around 3$ till I was temporarily disabled and it was pretty easy to complete.

While the night shift is ignored but its golden for me at multiple instances

I was checking one of the hitapp that I was qualified for , thanks to NDA that I can’t disclose the hitapp’s name. The hitapp mentioned to have 5 hits and I tried my luck. At two instances of reopening the hitapps I was able to complete 5 hits. And in all my tries I completed a total of 30 hits. Do remember that it kept showing 5 hits all the time. 

Here the lesson is to take out the hitapps with low hits that gets regularly updated during a specific time. The hit apps that work for me has the same criteria it will show 5 hits all time. but at the end of the day I manage to complete 50 hits in a short period of time at least.  

You need to work hard to analyse to earn smartly, else even working much hard and giving full time to UHRS you won’t be be able to earn what you should be, thanks to low paying hitapps 

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