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Clickworker has the most amount of UHRS Hitapps available at any given time. It is one of the oldest and most trusted ways to get access to the UHRS Platform. They are regular with their payments and have other jobs (Data collection mostly) available from time to time as well.

To gain access to the UHRS platform, you need to pass a 2 level assessment on Clickworker. But several users report not being able to see any assessments under the “Assessments” tab. If you are experiencing a similar issue, follow the guide below:

uhrs assessment not available in clickworker? try this.
While most people do not have any problems with assessments, some people report not seeing any assessments in the Clickworker “Assessments” tab. Here are some of the reasons it might not appear for you.

Make sure to verify your Phone Number on Clickworker
Solution: Go to ‘contact details’ under the “Profile” section. Scroll down to find the mobile number and make sure you fill it and verify your mobile number.

Verify your Paypal email address
Your paypal email address is required to receive payments from Clickworker. It is the email with which you login to your Paypal Account.

Solution: Go to the ‘Payment details’ tab under the ‘Account’ section. Enter your Paypal email address and confirm it using Paypal. You will be taken to PayPal to add Clickworker as a verified source for receiving payments. It is similar to how you granted some websites access to your Facebook account in order to login quickly.

Update: Clickworker has also started accepting Payoneer as a payment method. Payoneer charges much less fee compared to Paypal in a lot of countries.

Provide your tax details (easy)
Though some people argue that it is not necessary for non-US citizens; but I personally know some people who were able to access the assessments after adding their tax details.

Solution: Go to ‘Payment details’ under the ‘Account’ tab. Scroll down to the tax information section. Here, you need to enter your country’s tax-related information.

Every country has a different method/number to identify the tax details of an individual. So search for the tax-number of your country and enter it there.

Make sure to add ‘English’ as a language
Solution: Go to ‘Clickworker profile’ under the ‘profile’ section. Then go to the ‘Languages’ tab and make sure you add English as your native language. You can also add other languages, but English is required for UHRS tasks.

Other minor reasons
There might be some other reasons why assessments might not be showing up on your clickworker profile.

Your profile is not old enough. It takes 2-3 days for assessments to show up in the Clickworker account.
You have not verified your email. Though it is quite illogical as your account won’t be complete until you have verified your email address.
UHRS is not available in your country. UHRS is only available for a select set of countries. Thankfully, India is supported. But it might be possible that you have entered a country that is not yet supported for UHRS work.
Your profile is not complete. There are several sections in your clickworker profile. Try filling them all.
You have not done any task yet. Sometimes, you can try completing a task on the clickworker app or website as a last resort.

what to do after uhrs assessments show up?
Head straight to the ‘Assessments’ section. You will see two assessments by the name of ‘Qualification for UHRS – I & II”. It is a two-level process. But don’t worry, they are a really simple set of MCQs that can be cleared just by reading the instructions.

In fact, all they are actually testing is whether you have correctly read the instructions and understood them.

Note: If you not see the “Qualification for UHRS” assessment, try to clear any test under the “Base assessment” section of the page.

Once you have cleared the 1st exam, you need to give the 2nd assessment. The 2nd assessment is even easier as you just need to create an outlook email id for use with the UHRS platform. Follow the instructions carefully as they have a very specific procedure for doing so.

That’s it. I hope this resolves any issue you might be having with UHRS assessments not showing up on your profile. If you still experience any issues, it’s best to contact Clickworker support directly. To do so, click on the “Contact” link on the top right of the Clickworker website.

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