Virtual Intelligence Briefing – Get Paid to Share your Expertise (even if you don’t have any 😉)

Virtual Intelligence Briefing – Get Paid to Share your Expertise (even if you don’t have any 😉)

A brief and boring introduction

Hello readers, my name is Ankush. Glad to meet you all. I hope you’re all doing great. I am also doing great. Didn’t ask? No worries 😁.

In this article, I will be sharing a fantastic platform where you can earn money from where you can make handsome amounts of money just by sharing your expertise. All good? I can hear some of you might be saying, “Oh, I am a student”, or “I don’t have any expertise to share”. Well, at Gag4n, we have got you covered. Make sure you read till the very end 🔚.

Virtual Intelligence Briefing

Yes, another intro. But I think it shouldn’t be too dull now, especially if I add a toolbox to your arsenal that can help you build some beer-money income.

Now, you might be thinking, what is this “Virtual Intelligence Briefing”? Feel free to skip this part if you want to. But, it’s always better to know their business model, which allows you to earn. Virtual Intelligence Briefing, ViB, or vib in short, is a demand-on-generation service. Like SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service (Netflix, Disney+Hotstar), their task is to generate demand. How? Here comes the “expertise” part.

Suppose an antivirus company, let’s say ABC, wants to organize an event demonstrating its malware cleaning powers. But here’s a catch, this company is pretty new in the market. Unless you’re a part of the company, you wouldn’t have any motivation to join. Considering you’re an expert in some domain related to security, you might not even know that such a company exists. Here comes our superhero, the ViB. ABC would pay ViB to generate demand. ViB would look at its directory to find details of people who might be a good fit. Next, these experts would be contacted and compensated for their time and attention.

Now consider this scenario. You are yourself an expert. An ad pops up about this event and claims that hundreds of experts from the field of security would be part of this meeting. You are much more likely to join the meet. Hence, this demand generation creates a compounding effect.

Joining ViB Community

“Wait, you just explained ViB. What the heck is ViB community?” Wait for a second, my friend. Remember the line, “ViB would look at its directory to find details of people who might be a good fit”? These experts are part of the ViB community. As a member, ViB will frequently invite you to join webinars, and live conversations, download white papers and pay you.


Let’s start.

Well, I would like to add something here. I will be sharing a referral and a non-referral link with a precise clarification of what would be your advantage in using the referral one. But hey, there’s no obligation. You’re free to choose any one of them.

If you sign up via my referral link, you will receive an extra $10. The only catch here is that you must obtain an invitation from ViB. Patience is the key 😁. Even if you don’t want to accept the invitation, the $10 is yours to keep. As simple as that. And the non-referral link is even simpler; you won’t receive anything—the stoic approach 😅.

Now, please take a few moments to decide which link to choose and click on it. Don’t worry; the page will open on a new tab.

Once you’re on this page, you should see something like the image below:

Fill in your name, company name, job title, email address, and a medium where you heard about the ViB community and leave the promo code space blank. Hit on I agree, prove you’re not a robot (I trust you 😊), and smash the submit button. You’re all done.

Next, ViB would test your patience. I will take some time to receive your first invite. They might even throw some occasionally paid surveys with no right or wrong answers.

But hey, I think some of you might be thinking, “They aren’t accepting email addresses from free domains, like Gmail, Yahoo, Proton Mail. I don’t have any professional mail.”. Well, at Gag4n, we got you covered. I will be covering this in a separate heading. First, let’s discuss some financials.

Some interesting stats

Let’s discuss the earning potential and payment proofs.

So far, I was lucky enough to receive three invites. The first one was for a paid webinar, which lasted for an hour and paid $30. Pretty cool, right 😎. $30 an hour is great! Next, I got an invite to download a whitepaper. $5 to download. No need to read. I was asked for my email and name. It took me about 2 minutes. $5 for 2 minutes means a whopping $150 an hour. Impressive! Next is a paid survey. Best one. 90$ for a 5-minute survey. $1080 per hour 🤑.

Don’t believe me? Here’s some proof:

The above picture is proof of the $80 I received from the ViB community. However, the money has been redeemed 😅.

Here’s another one:

A $10 virtual prepaid VISA card, since even I also joined via a referral link 😎. Sorry guys, most of the card is hidden.

If you’re not an expert

Honestly, it does not matter whether you’re an expert or not. Make sure to keep some limits. If you’re a student, don’t mention that you’re a CEO 😁. Also, there is an option to enter a student as an occupation. In such a case, you should enter your institution’s name in the company name. It should not limit the number of opportunities.

But still, if you want to dabble around, make sure not to attend live conversations unless you’re an expert.

Now, what if you don’t have any professional email address 😕.

No worries, I am not going to repeat it once again.

There are a bunch of ways through which you can get access to a professional email address:

1. Use temporary mail:

I guess you all know about temporary mails. If not, try visiting the following website:

Despite being free, they look somewhat professional. Okay, they might not. But it’s hard to prove that it’s not a free email. But the problem here is that these email addresses are short-lived. One way is to find a provider with a considerably longer life span. I can’t say it’s impossible, but it’s pretty hard to find. Or, you can purchase the premium membership of the above website. Maybe, you can try a crack 🙄.

2. Use someone else’s email:

Yes, you heard it right. It’s pretty easy. Ask your relatives or friends who might owe an email address from a non-free domain. You can always define a rule like if the email address contains ‘virtualintelligencebriefing’, send it to ‘your email address’. Email addresses from educational institutions also work.

3. Create one for you

It may seem ridiculous, but it isn’t as tricky as it sounds. Free domains are available on the web, and you can always use the free version of Zoho email or Cloudflare to create a professional email for you.

If you made it here, give a pat on your back 👏. It was a pretty long article, extensively covering every detail. Liked it 😀? Loved it 😄? Hated it 😕? Have something to share 🤝? Feel free to use the comments section.

That’s it for today. See you soon with another article. Have a great day!

Virtual Intelligence Briefing – Get Paid to Share your Expertise (even if you don’t have any 😉)
Virtual Intelligence Briefing – Get Paid to Share your Expertise (even if you don’t have any 😉)
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