HoneyGain Partners with JumpTask Brings in Extra 50% Rewards

HoneyGain Partners with JumpTask Brings in Extra 50% Rewards
HoneyGain, the popular internet bandwidth sharing site has now partnered with Jumptask allowing users to earn 50% more money than before for a limited period. Here's a full guide on how to use Jumptask mode on HoneyGain to earn JMPT rewards tokens.

Recently, the bandwidth sharing app Honeygain announced its partnership with Jumptask, a gig economy-based marketplace, becoming the first of the earning opportunities for JumpTask.

This new partnership brings in a chance for users to earn even more passive income and request payouts much quicker. Here’s how:

Earn directly in JMPTokens(JumpTokens)

You can choose to switch to Jumptask mode via your Honeygain dashboard and request a payout whenever you want in your BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network wallet, with minimal fees.

The best part is there is no Minimum threshold to withdraw if you use JMPT Mode.You only need to pay the blockchain fees, typically $0.10-$0.30.

What is Jumptask?

Jumptask is platform where users get the opportunity to earn JMPT tokens by completing various types of microtasks. While the users earn money, partners can get their work done.

More Earning using Jumptask Mode

If you choose to use the Jumptask Mode via Honeygain, you get a limited time bonus of 50% on your earnings via Gathering, Content Delivery, Referrals and Lucky Pot. The bonus is here to stay for a few months and pairing this bonus up with the recent rate bump to $0.30/GB boosts the earnings quite a bit. Choosing to payout via JumpToken on your Honeygain Credits also gives you a 20% Bonus.

Quicker Transactions

Payouts are processed within a few minutes if you choose to use the Jumptask mode. For payouts of regular Honeygain credits through JumpTokens, it is usually done within a few hours on business days.

You can also convert JMPT to Euros/Dollars, but it is a process, and most if not all exchanges require KYC:
(On Pancake swap) JMPT > BNB BNB> Binance (On Binance) BNB> FIAT > Withdraw FIAT

Details about JMPT

Token info: https://bscscan.com/token/0x88d7e9b65dc24cf54f5edef929225fc3e1580c25

Contract address: 0x88d7e9b65dc24cf54f5edef929225fc3e1580c25

Decimals: 18

Network Name: Binance Smart Chain Mainnet

New RPC URL: https://bsc-dataseed1.binance.org/

ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL: https://bscscan.com/

How to set up Jumptask via Honeygain

You need a crypto wallet to withdraw your earnings. If you have an existing wallet and you want to use it, then make sure it can be linked to Binance Smart Chain. Honeygain recommends Metamask. To make a wallet on Metamask, visit https://Metamask.io/ and download the browser extension. Follow the setup instructions until your wallet has been successfully made.


Link your existing/Metamask wallet to BSC network

In Metamask, go to https://bscscan.com/ on the same browser you have Metamask installed, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Add BSC network” on the bottom left.
Once added, make sure to keep the “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet” selected while withdrawing your funds.


Connect your Metamask wallet to Honeygain

Click on the toggle on the top right of the honeygain dashboard. When prompted for your BSC public key, go to the Metamask wallet and copy the key just below your account name, then paste it into the honeygain dashboard. You have successfully connected your Metamask wallet to honeygain!


Log in to JumpTask Dashboard

Once Jumptask mode is enabled, the earnings bar will say “JumpTask Dashboard”.
Click on it to be taken to your Jumptask Dashboard. To sign in to the Jumptask dashboard, click on the Metamask option and wait for the Metamask popup to open. Enter your Metamask password to continue the login process.

If you are using a wallet of your choice, then use the walletconnect option to sign into Jumptask.
If you opt into using jumptask mode, then all your earnings will be found on the jumptask dashboard. You can payout in your Metamask wallet when your earnings can fully cover the gas prices.

Payment Proofs

Here’s a couple of payment proofs of HoneyGain.

HoneyGain PayPal Payment Proof
HoneyGain JumpTask Payment Proof


Honeygain is a legit and proven way to earn some passive income on the side, and the new changes have boosted the earnings with providing the initial exposure for the new JumpToken to users.

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HoneyGain Partners with JumpTask Brings in Extra 50% Rewards
HoneyGain Partners with JumpTask Brings in Extra 50% Rewards
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