Telus International New Transcription Job ( Pays 8$/hr)

Telus International New Transcription Job ( Pays 8$/hr)

Here’s another Job Opportunity from Telus International and it will pay you 8$ per hour. Refer to the following for more information on the job


My name is Shital Kamble and I am a Sourcing Specialist at TELUS International and I am writing to you hoping that you would be interested in working with us for our Bodo transcription project. Working hours are flexible and work can be done remotely.

Task: Contributors will listen and transcribe audios in Bodo (Devanagari script) in the provided tool.


·       Workload: Flexible (preferably 20 h/week)

·       Estimated Duration of Project:  3 months

·       Estimated Throughput: 20 minutes per 1 minute of audio

·       Estimated Start Date: Immediate


  • ·       18+ years of age
  • ·       Native Bodo speaker
  • ·       Availability for consistent participation (preferably 20 h/week)
  • ·       Computer/Laptop with Windows OS and Chrome browser
  • ·       Stable Internet connection
  • ·       Attention to detail and ability to follow guidelines

Compensation: $8/ hour

How to participate:

Please follow the link below for registration.

The project will take place through the WorkMarket platform. If you are interested in participating, you will need to login into WorkMarket and join our Labor Cloud for Bodo (Devanagari) Speakers

In order to successfully join the labor cloud, you will need to sign the Agreement: TELUS International AI Contributor Agreement and pass the language test-Bodo. Let us know once you have completed the registration process.

Payment will be processed from Work Market (PayPal/ Hyperwallet), please update your payment information accordingly after registration.

Those selected will be provided the project guidelines to review and then will need to pass a short transcription test prior to starting the actual work. 

Please confirm your interest and availability for this task by replying to this email

For queries or doubts, please write to us at [email protected] Looking forward to working with you!

ID: Wait for 40s

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