Google User Research to earn money online with Google in India from Home

google user research

 Many users feel that the webistes we share are unknown to them and are always skeptical of whether they are joining a good and legit source with whom they can share their personal details and will work on.

The thing is in this digital world you should be aware of what sites you sign up and where you are entering your sensitive information so as to save you can just follow our site to know more about legitimate earning sources. 

Whenever you google How to Earn Money from Google you will get Results like

Become a Blogger or a Youtuber and Monetise your content with Adsense. Adsense is infact what we use to monetise this site too but as you know it takes time and patience to have a successful blog as this one generates pretty less visitors and yes less money too. 

So what our options can’t we earn money with Google?

Yes you can earn money with Google. But how?

Apart from Adsense and getting employed in Google. There is a site named Google User Research Experience where you can sign up as tester and Google will reward you if you successfully complete any module testing with them.

If you don’t know about testing and earning money don’t worry a year ago in Oct 2020, I too wasn’t till I did one. Believe me testing is one of the joyful ways of earning money with higher hourly rates but the thing is we don’t get / get qualified to most test if we have got one in comparision to loads of jobs on crowdsourcing sites.

By now this thingy must be enough to describe why you should Join Google User Research Experience Programme

How to Sign up On Google User Research Programme and Make Money in India 

Signing up with the program is easy, like all other legit money making programs sign up is free of cost which can be followed on by clicking this link.

Once you click on the sign up button which is located on the top right you will be proceeded on to answer some…., I mean a lot of questions which is done by entering your demographic details, and many more. 

The sign up survey can take as long as 1 hour, don’t worry you can pause and answer the survey in parts.

Once the sign up is complete then you need to sit back and relax as Google will send you a email if there is any test available for you

Google User Research to earn money online with Google in India from Home
Google User Research to earn money online with Google in India from Home

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