SONA Systems – Earning Money From Paid Research Studies

SONA Systems – Earning Money From Paid Research Studies

In our Guide to Earning Money Online we have mentioned that you can earn money by participating in paid research studies from Dscout, Testable Minds and Respondent. We also knew about various other sources where you can sign up and participate in the research studies and Sona Systems is one of them.

List of Sona Systems Earn Money Online from Paid Research Studies in India

What is Sona Systems

Sona system is a web application for universities where they manage their Research and Participant Pool. Each university has its own sona-system and each of them get a specific subdomain. Don’t worry about the technical details. A subdomain is a part of main domain you see like here we have a domain name but this website is pointed to The highlighted part is known as the subdomain.

Now that lots of details off the topic lets get back to the main thing, Sona Systems

Requirements to Join as a Paid Particaipant on Sona Systems

– Be fluent in English

This is a major requirement. Unlike most Beermoney sites joining any sona system as a paid participant will require you to have a sound knowledge of both written and spoken English. Don’t worry about being too professional, being a bit fluent in English will do. Its highly recommended to improve your language skills of both your mother tongue and English it will help you in many fields.

– Proper Internet Connection

Having a decent internet connection is required to participate in the studies

– Must be at least 18 years old

For various reasons most beermoney sites have the restriction that you should be at least 18 years old to register on their platform and most universities too follow this pattern

List of Reputed Sona Systems that You Should Join

UC David UNSW UCSB Chicago CDR Toronto University Rady 

How to Earn Money by Participating in Paid Research Studies

Registering at Sona Systems

Once you visit any University’s Sona Systems you need to click on the Request Account Button.

You will be redirected to the Registration Form of the respective university’s Sona. You need to fill the form accordingly and truthfully.

After registrations there are two cases either your account is approved automatically else your account is approved manually after verifying your details, as in case of Chicago CDR.

In each case after your account is created and approved you will get an email with the username and password to login in to the respective University’s Sona System you registered earlier. Make a note that you need to apply as a paid participant in each SONA separately which also implies that you will have separate login information for each SONA.

Pre Screen / Post Registration Questionnaire 

When you login into any SONA for the first time you will be asked to agree with their terms and conditions, you will be allowed to proceed after you agree with their terms

Moreover you will be asked some questions to keep studies relevant to your profile, please answer those questions honestly else you will end up getting invited to studies, irrelevant from your profile and hence you will lose out the opportunity to participate and earn money from them.

Applying for A Study at Sona Systems

On your Sona Dashboard you will get an an option Studies button

Click on the Studies Button and You will get the list available studies. If there are so studies available you need to check the SONA later sometimes you may have the studies or sometimes  you don’t.

If you have any studies available then you need to apply for it by clicking on the study and scroll down. If there are timeslots available you can right away select an timeslot suitable to your needs.

The time shown on the SONA is according to their country so make sure you google the timezone according to your time to know about the time on which the Paid Study is held

Final Thoughts on Paid Research Studies from Sona Systems

Its our request not to create multiple accounts or providing fake information to earn some amount of money as it will spoil the research paper of the students.

Most universities cancel out your account if you can not take two or more studies on time so make sure to make appointments only if you are free and rest everything will be fine

SONA Systems – Earning Money From Paid Research Studies
SONA Systems – Earning Money From Paid Research Studies

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