How to Earn Money by Working on Oneforma

How to Earn Money by Working on Oneforma

Join Oneforma

Oneforma is one of the freelancing companies which have a lot of high good paying jobs available regularly on its site. Although the platform UI and its methodlogy of applying jobs may be a little labourer but it stands out better than its competitor like Appen. Before I go in detail I would like to give a short introduction to Oneforma and throughout article I will keep focusing on Pros of Oneforma as a Indian

What is Oneforma

Oneforma is another crowdsourcing website like Appen, Clickworker, LionBridge. It is a part of PacteraEDGE, a global digital and technology services company headquartered in Redmond, WA, USA.

Oneforma offers jobs which include translation, transcription, internet judging, testing as well as collecting or labelling data from a variety of sources (photos, videos, voice recordings, etc), and many more.

How to Register on Oneforma

Visit the Oneforma signup page by clicking this link.

Fillup the Signup form and click on ” Yes Please I want to join the Oneforma Community

After you click the button Oneforma will send you a verification mail Verify your Email by clicking ACTIVATE MY ONEFORMA ACCOUNT 

How can you Earn Money from Oneforma

Upon successful creation of Oneforma account you are ready to earn money from it. You can give an application for a job at Oneforma. In the dashboard select your desired job category and you will see a list of all the jobs currently available. Some jobs may only be visible to users with the required native language. Select the job title to see the job description and press the ‘Apply’ button. After that you will be invited to take a test which will help us evaluate your abilities and skills to perform the required tasks. For some jobs there are no available tests, in which case you will be contacted by the Forma team to continue with the enrollment process.

How to access UHRS jobs from Oneforma

To get UHRS access from Oneforma you would need to apply for a position by going on Micro Judging Tasks and apply as a judge. It will be a matter of week till your application as a UHRS judge on Oneforma approved.

After getting a approval as an UHRS judge on Oneforma you’ll have to give an unique Microsoft Live ID which you will be using to access the UHRS platform through Oneforma. By Microsoft Live ID we mean a email which has a or domain at the end. Make sure the Live ID isn’t used on other UHRS vendors.

To give the Live ID you need to go your Profile on Oneforma and click on identities.

How does Oneforma Pay

Oneforma offers a monthly payment system and it pays you between 15th to 25th of every month for work done before the 25th of the previous month.

For Example, if you earn $20 from Jan 16th to Jan 18th, you will be paid on 15th February. If you earn $20 from Jan 28st to Jan 31st you will be paid on March 15th to 25th.

If you don’t receive your payments from Oneforma by 27th then you contact the Oneforma Payment Support Staff for the same by mailing on [email protected]

Do you need to fill the W8 form to receive payments

W8 form is a tax form for those who work outside the US. You don’t have to submit it. It’s automatically signed when you register on Oneforma.

Oneforma Payment Proof

Oneforma Payment Proof

How to Contact Oneforma

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How to Earn Money by Working on Oneforma
How to Earn Money by Working on Oneforma

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