LionBridge AI : Get Paid To Work from Home

LionBridge AI : Get Paid To Work from Home
Lionbridge AI Work From Home Jobs and Earn Money Online without investment with Telus International

What is Lionbridge AI

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc is an American company that provides translation and localization solutions. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, the company has operations in 26 countries, it was founded in 1996. In 2021 Lionbridge was acquired by Telus International, so don’t get confused between the two. It may happen that we have used Lionbridge and Telus interchangeably in this article but both are same entities now.

Lionbridge was named #1 and leading company with the most remote job opportunities as Top Company to Watch for Remote Jobs in 2021. Basically Lionbridge is crowdsourcing website like, Appen, Clickworker, Oneforma, etc, that gathers workforce for online projects. Likewise Appen Lionbridge provides part time remote jobs for its ongoing projects which you can apply for and earn money from it

Why should you Work with Telus International (Lionbridge) 

Work Flexibility: You can work as per your free time so that you can maintain a proper work-life balance.

Everything is fair: No matter who you are, the pay rate is fixed for all as per the market. Everyone in the community will be treated equally.

Support: They maintain a whole separate portal to solve the issues. The support team is so friendly, and usually, the problems get solved in 48 working hours; however, it sometimes takes up to a week.

Opportunities: They offer a wide range of options for all backgrounds.

Feedbacks: There will be regular quality checks every month to provide detailed feedback for our mistakes. They have engaged and a healthier community.

They run time to time bonuses. They also release common mistakes done by the raters for that month, and they organize webinars every month. Their training process is enjoyable as they never compromise on the quality.

Most common work from home opportunities in Lionbridge

  • Internet Ads Assessor
  • Social media Evaluator
  • Map quality analyst 
  • Language Consultants
  • Personalized Internet Assessor

They have a wide range of opportunities. They provide proper training; they pay pretty high; you can work flexible hours. So, what else do you expect in a part-time job?


  • A laptop/desktop with a proper internet connection.
  • A Smartphone Android (4.1 or higher) iOS (8 or higher)
  • Fluency in English.
  • Must be a daily user of the internet with proper knowledge of Gmail, social media, and browsers.
  • 20 hours of weekly availability

How to Apply for Jobs at Lionbridge

If you want to work with Lionbridge then you can check for an job opportunity in three ways.

Direct Job Opportunity

Click on “Join Our Team
Scroll down and click on “Learn More” under the Raters, Annotators, and Testers section.
Click on “View All Opportunities
Enter the country in the search box and look for the current opportunities. Select the job by clicking on it.
Read the description, requirements of the job, and click on “Apply Now.”
Now the online application process begins, filling all the required fields to submit the application. 
Follow the walkthrough below…

Guide to fill the application

The whole online application process involves 10 steps:
Notes– There, you will find the general instructions to fill the application. Read it patiently and move to the next step.
Personal Data– You need to provide your full name here. Your first name and last name should match your bank account. Sometimes, Lionbridge asks you to send your tax information while processing your payments. 
Communication Data– Fill all the applicable fields (Email, Mobile Number, and residence address) 
Work Experience– This is one of the crucial sections. Although filling this field is not mandatory. Don’t leave it empty. Remember, Lionbridge never conducts any background checks, which means you are free to add anything. Adding IT-related jobs will make more sense. You can add as many entries as you want. Thousands of people will apply for these positions, so adding proper work experience will help you shine out of the crowd. 
Education– As per your educational qualifications, add one or more entries. Don’t forget to award yourself with a good grade.
Attachments– Time to upload your resume. Design your resume professionally. Mention your work experiences in your resume as well. Also, mention your hobbies, achievements, grades, etc. There are several free websites & Apps with pre-built templates. You can use them to build your resume. No matter what you do, The resume must be effective.
You can also add additional supporting documents.
It would be nice If you add an English language competency certificate. You can complete the courses on Udemy, Coursera, etc., and can upload the certificates here. 
Data Overview– Verify the data you provided and proceed to the next step.
Pre-screening Questionnaire– For some positions, they ask to validate your smartphone device to ensure that you have the specific version required for the role.
Select ‘No’ if they ask you whether you work in the same position for other crowdsourcing companies like Appen.
List all the languages that you are fluent in.
At last, they will ask, ‘why do you feel you would be suitable for this position?’ Answer the question carefully by stating that you are hardworking. 
Terms and Conditions– Accept their terms and conditions saying ‘yes’ to all.
Submit Application– Click on ‘submit’ to submit your application. Soon you will receive an email confirming the submission of your application.
Time for the whole process
Once you successfully apply, Lionbridge usually takes about a week to process your application. If they feel you are a suitable candidate, then they will ask to sign a consulting form. After signing the document, in the next 3- 6 days, you will receive the additional details about the test. You will be given access to the Geo-workersz portal, where you will get all the reading material for the exam. You must complete the exam before the deadline. They will provide proper time for the exam. The exam is an Open book exam, which means you can refer to guidelines in between the exam.
The exam typically takes 8-10 hours; you can go in and out of the exam as many times you want.
They won’t provide any extensions; the exam must be finished within the given time.
For some positions, the result will be announced immediately after finishing the exam. For the Ads Assessor position, the results will be notified within three days after the deadline.
If you successfully clear the exam, then you will receive further steps via email.

Lionbridge Smart Crowd

Work Market

Lionbridge – Telus International Payments

The pay depends on the position you are working in and the market. Some jobs pay on an hourly basis while some pay based on the number of tasks. Some job pays you 4-5$ per hour while some may pay upto 10$.

If you applied for the job using Lionbridge’s website they pay directly to your bank account every month. They won’t charge any additional fee for issuing the payment, but our bank may charge a small fee to receive the payment.

All the payments are issued via wire transfer. You will receive a remittance advice email once the payment is processed to you. After receiving that email, it usually takes 3-5 working days for the amount to reach your account.

Else If you had used Workmarket to apply for the job, the payment will be made by Telus International to your workmarket account which can easily withdrawn using your PayPal account

Payment Cycles

When a month ends, the invoice will be generated for the amount of work done. Usually, the invoices generate within the first two weeks of the following month. You can see the invoice in the supplier portal. Invoices are paid 30 business days from the last day of the calendar month. For instance, September invoices will be generated by October 14th and will be paid by November 14th. They usually pay around the 10th-15th of every month.

Final thoughts

Lionbridge is one of the legit ways to make money online. It is undoubtedly hard to get in even after getting in, it takes time to settle things. It takes at least a month to have a piece of adequate knowledge about them. I have been working as a Map Quality Analyst for the past six months. Initially, I faced various challenges. They conduct quality checks every month, the raters who score significantly low will be removed from the program. They are very strict about quality standards. 

In India, as of now, they are hiring Personalized Internet Assessors. They might open opportunities for other positions as well, so you need to make a habit of checking their website daily.

If you ask me about Lionbridge, I would say, “Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.”

This post is based on the Lionbridge Complete Guide posted by The Dollar Hacks on his website. And we have edited it to keep it updated

LionBridge AI : Get Paid To Work from Home
LionBridge AI : Get Paid To Work from Home

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