Hello Ping Pong – Earn Money by Testing – A Great Usertesting Alternative

Hello Ping Pong – Earn Money by Testing – A Great Usertesting Alternative

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What is Ping Pong?

PingPong is a research website building a bridge between users and companies for discussion, feedback and insight gathering. Ping Pong is trusted more than 125,000 people worldwide

Why Should You Join Ping Pong?

By participating you get rewarded for every research session you complete: from €10 to €100 for each session. PingPong is great to earn some extra pocket money! Your feedback really matters and directly shapes the future of our world. Share your honest opinion and help companies build products

Moreover you learn about exciting new products and ideas and spend your time in a meaningful way helping companies shaping the future. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being heard.

What are the requirements to join as a Ping Pong Tester Community?

Computer or laptop with cam & mic 

Ping Pong sessions are 1 on 1 video calls where you can talk honestly and share your screen to test websites.

Good & stable internet connection

You’ll need a stable internet connection that allows you to do video calls. PingPong recommend at least 20 Mbps to complete studies from them without any problem

How much can you earn from Ping Pong?

Companies are always looking to talk to people just like you to get feedback on their new products. You can earn €10 to €100 per hour for taking part in friendly video interviews and user tests.

€15 for a 30 mins video session

Most of research sessions on Ping Pong are 30 mins video call with potential screen sharing (in case you need to test any websites).

Special cases: up to €200

In some cases, PingPong needs people with a certain background or occupation where they offer a higher incentive.

How to Register and Start Earning Money from Ping Pong

Step 1 Register a tester account

Register your test account on PingPong by completing the registration form on the PingPong’s website by clicking this link. Moreover you should fully complete your profile.

Step 2 Wait for your research invitation

Pingpong will send you an invitation in email once your profile is matched for a research project. Be patient, sometimes this may take weeks or even months!

Step 3 Respond to the invitation and answer the screener questions

Most of the time, you’ll need to answer a few extra questions for the research. If you qualify, you can schedule and book the session immediately. If you won’t qualify, be patient! The researcher will review your answer and you might still get an invitation to book.

Step 4 Book your session

Schedule your session for your most convenient time and make sure you’ll be free for the upcoming session.

Step 5 Attend your session

Follow the booking instructions and make sure you arrive on time. Join the video call and don’t worry: it’ll be a friendly discussion where the moderator would love to hear your opinion!

Step 6 Nice job, you’re done and getting paid!

PingPong will send the compensation to your Paypal or Transferwise account a few days (usually 2-3 working days ) after your research session.

Final Thoughts on Ping Pong

PingPong serves as a great alternative to tech savvy people who like to earn money by testing on platforms like Usertesting, uTest and other Crowdtesting sites

PingPong is a great way to earn some pocket money but you shouldn’t expect regular income. As we say this as a beermoney for a regular job you can look out for opportunities from Appen, LionBridge and Oneforma

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Hello Ping Pong – Earn Money by Testing – A Great Usertesting Alternative
Hello Ping Pong – Earn Money by Testing – A Great Usertesting Alternative

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