Harsh Reality of The Highest Paying GPT Sites which pay Users

What is a GPT Site

GPT site or Get Paid to To sites are where you earn money to do various tasks, let it be completing surveys, offers or watching videos. There are many such GPT sites which definitely are legitimate and pay their users for doing those tasks.

The Best Paying GPT Sites

Most of you who are reading this article want to know about the highest paying GPT Sites. As we have been said by our famous youtubers and bloggers and even many internet forums that you can earn a lot of money online by working on a GPT site only.

I can name various GPT Sites and one of them being Ysense and the other being FreeCash ( formerly known as Freeskins ). But I won’t recommend any of you to join these sites.

GPT Sites aren’t Worth IT

A good website is that which pays you money as it says but the thing that differentiates GPT Sites are that they are just the middlemen. The middle men who gobble up most of your deserved money and pay you some pennies. Here’s how

How a GPT Site works

Any GPT Site has its contacts with various offerwalls let say it to be MediaToro. Now the MediaToro has contacts with with various other companies which offer the work. Sometimes these channels are much larger and the end user like you end up getting low paid that you deserve for doing these works

For example you did a survey from Freecash using some of their offerwall which paid you 1$. Now the survey you completed gave Freecash 0.4$ atleast then the offerwall gobbled up 0.2-0.4$ and one more middleman who handles the survey exchange got a few more cents. This implies that if you did the same survey from the survey router itself like LifePoints, Opinionworld, etc. You must have gotten 1.5- 2$

The Refer And Earn in GPT Sites

Do you know how the refer and earn bonus in GPT sites work

Let me take a scenario 

Suppose u join a GPT site that offers 30% lifetime bonus and another GPT site with 1% lifetime refer bonus and u complete a certain task from the same offerwall. Then you will be definitely paid less by the 1st GPT site as they have to make for the huge referral earnings which they are giving out to their users. 

So its basically you need to avoid the GPT sites which pay more than 5% lifetime referral earnings to its users. But the there’s much more things going on in the backend of the GPT sites

Most GPT sites have an affiliate commission which is for content creators which is even more than the referral commission :p 

But here’s a catch it doesn’t matter whether you join the website directly or through anyone’s referral you will be paid same and the commission for task u complete will go to the referrer ( if any ) else to the company itself.

Why GPT Sites are So Famous 

The most important reason of GPT sites being so successful is that they offers huge amounts of referral bonus and affiliate bonuses for content creators. Ethically there’s nothing wrong in earning from affiliate sources. But the thing is people fall prey to the content creators who go out of the way to promote the stuff. The content creators boast the earnings to such an extent by stating you can earn this money just by simple taps. Well there’s easy money but for the content creators like these not the end users who end up being brutally used as a digital labour.

Final Thoughts of Joining GPT Sites

There’s no harm in joining the GPT Sites but wasting your time there endlessly for getting paid to watch ads, completing offers with meagre pay, etc are really not worth it.

But sometimes it mayhappen that there are some really unique offer on a respective GPT site which can help you earn some extra pennies! Probability of those offers 2/365.

I personally won’t promote any GPT site on this platform as I feel they are just worth for wasting the users precious time and I know many of you would just comment out that you earned loads of amounts from the GPT site. If you are one of them who earned a lot of money ( excluding referral earnings ) please try out the sites as mentioned in our guides and I assure you that you will earn a lot better amounts than these low paid digital labor GPT Sites

Edit: Thanks to Digitalbazaari for the suggestion.

I feel that GPT sites should be used as an extra cashback scheme if you are interested in joining their partner websites. For eg, VPN, Canva, and other paid services.

So you might be thinking about how to earn money online other than the GPT Sites then here’s our Beginners Guide on Earning Money Online without any Investment

I know there might be some users then how can we complete the offers on GPT site

We can’t get paid by the offerwalls directly, so the complaint is pointless

u/Giant2005 on Reddit commented That is a ridiculous complaint. That is like trying to warn people off going to the Supermarket because the Supermarket charges you more than what they paid for the products. Avoiding them might be worthwhile if we had access to their suppliers, but we don’t. So you either go to the Supermarket or you starve to death.
The same applies to the GPT sites. We can’t get paid by the offerwalls directly, so the complaint is pointless. If you are willing to sacrifice your own earnings just to make sure someone else doesn’t earn from your labour then fair enough I guess, but sacrificing your own needs just to spite someone else will never be good advice.
The trick is to find the GPT sites (or any retailer) that take the smallest cut and use them.

To which I replied I agree with some of your points but to those I have my own say as  We can’t get paid by the offerwalls directly
Well if you look into the offerwalls yes we can’t get paid from them directly. But then the question if you do Surveys from any offerwall you can get them at various reputed survey site. There are many Survey sites that actually pay you much better than the offerwalls on the GPT sites

If you are completing any offer which is a good, for example a cashback on any purchase then you can use it for sure.
Now if you say me that you can’t be paid for watching videos/ads or playing games in general then I would say you to try The Beermoney sites more specifically like the crowd testing sites which will allow you to earn at least the 30days money in just one session of paid test and its fun to do testing rather watching boring vids.
I just said you to avoid GPT sites for doing out tasks and surveys in general since they are not worth the time there. I guess you won’t even touch 3$ per hour from the GPT sites, whereas the other sources of beermoney sites pay you well above 3$ – 10$ in most cowdworking sites
As well as the testing sites pay 20-100$ or even more in some Paid Tests per hour.
That’s what I say, unless you are earning from referrals or using some cashback offers GPT sites aren’t worth it

Here’s a comment by another Redditor

Another Redditor u/CrazyMMGwastaken commented this which correctly explained the referral system but I had initially wanted to keep the post simple which turned out that I had changed the meaning as a whole
Most of this post is factually correct, except the how a GPT site works (which is more complicated than what you said), and the referrals bit, in which you said the amount the offerwall deducts is calculated by adding referrals and other fees. This is incorrect as the GPT site pays the same for every user on an offerwall, whether they have been referred or not, the money is deducted from a flat fee the GPT site takes. That’s why high paying GPT sites have 5% or lower lifetime referral schemes. Another thing a survey site does, is let you cash out instantly, as most people dont know that offerwalls and survey brokers pay out at the end of the month, and usually 30-90 days later from when the money was earned by the user. They also have a minimum pay limit, usually around 100-1000$ depending on the offerwall/broker. As you mentioned you can maybe get a better rate by doing surveys directly with a survey router. However by doing this you get a limited range of surveys, and do not get the full scope of surveys available to you by every survey exchange out there. Some sites, (like freecash and surveys2skins) partner with survey brokers directly, which in turn work with survey exchanges to get users the best rates, and use techniques to find you the best survey available to you at any time. This broker works with 7 exchanges (cint, samplicio, dynata, amazon mechanical turk, etc) and will find you the best survey. Freecash does use this broker (they call it their exclusive surveys) but take a large cut, other sites take a smaller cut. By using a GPT site you are able to cashout instantly, not have to worry about 100 dollar minimums, and get easy suited-to-you surveys from all the survey exchanges at the best payouts.

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