UHRS Registration Guide : Earn From Home Easily without Investment

UHRS Registration Guide : Earn From Home Easily without Investment

Have you guys ever stumbled upon anyone saying ” I earn more than the working people with UHRS” and you doubt what is in the world is UHRS and you also want to earn money with it like them. Then follow the guide till below wherein we will be covering the full how to work from home using UHRS

Tips & Tricks to Earn More From UHRS { New Methods }


What is UHRS

UHRS or Universal Human Relevance System, is a platform owned by Microsoft ( Yes the Windows one). It provides a system where workers get paid to do tasks. The tasks are used for the specific cause of Artificial Intelligence.

How UHRS works

As said earlier UHRS provides an ecosystem of the workers and the employers. For the ones who want to learn more, UHRS provides human intelligence to train AI applications/tools, products and machine learning models. It has contracts from multiple companies who will need have certain tasks done.


If you want to register and earn money on UHRS you will need to signup with a UHRS vendor, which will you provide you with UHRS access. Here are some sites providing UHRS access Clickworker, Lionbridge, TeemWork, Oneforma, Quadrant Resource, Datamime etc.

UHRS has now notified users that you cannot have accounts with Multiple Vendors. You can now access UHRS only from one Vendors unlike before.

Clickworker UHRS Registration

In order to access UHRS from Clickworker you need to follow these steps in case you don’t have an account already then use this Clickworker Registration Guide in order to create one.

Proceed on to Assessments tab on your Clickworker dashboard. 

In Project Assessments, you will see UHRS assessment, you will need to pass the exam. The examination questions and tests your language skills, don’t worry its just a basic grammar test which a 6th grade student should pass easily.

Moreover it also tests understanding of overall policies (which requires some attention to detail on the test page) you will be able to crack the exam if you read the guideline given on the test page once. 

After you pass the test you would be asked to create a Live ID

Note : You can give assessment tests only once. Make sure you give the assessments with full attention

Oneforma UHRS Registration

Click here to visit the step by step guide on how to register on Oneforma UHRS

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How to Earn Money from UHRS

Clickworker UHRS Login

  • When working with UHRS as a Clickworker you will have to login into your Clickworker account, then go to My Jobs and Click UHRS. 
  • You will then have to proceed with logging in with Live ID and password that you created while giving your UHRS assessment. 
  • Clickworker unlike other UHRS vendors has made the rule to login in to your Clickworker account every 8 hours to get access to UHRS from them.

Lionbridge, Oneforma, Datamime, Quadrant Resource UHRS

While working on UHRS from any vendor other than Clickworker you can directly log on the UHRS website and start working on the hitapps

UHRS Walkthrough 

Wait what did you say a hit app or marketplace? Yes so if you didn’t know then here are certain terminologies that you should be knowing as a UHRS Judge


The marketplace is the dashboard which you see after logging in to your UHRS account.

The marketplace is the place where all the available hitapps are available. To start working on UHRS you will always go to the marketplace


Hitapps is the collective term of the hits of a certain category. The hitapps can be accessed by visiting the UHRS marketplace.


Hits in UHRS can be termed as The unit cell of any certain task that you will be doing on the UHRS. Whenever you see 100 HITS available that means 100 tasks are available. It gets updated every 15 minutes.


People who work on the UHRS platform are termed as the judge

Temporarily Disabled

It means that you have been banned Temporarily for a day to work further on a specific hitapp. 

Low spam accuracy scores are one of the most common reasons for getting temporarily blocked from apps. Every app has a minimum spam accuracy threshold score. The threshold is never disclosed. It’s a good idea to aim for the highest accuracy score you can. The lower you go, the more likely it is you’ll be blocked from the app.

Other than the spam accuracy the other reason for getting a temporary block, you were working too fast on the hitapp than specified


The worst nightmare for a UHRS judge. When you get temporarily banned for two-three times on a specific hitapp in an calender week. You will be banned permanently on that hitapp. To prevent this you must take that you stop working on a specific hitapp when you are temporarily banned. Since by doing so you rule out the possibility of getting permanently banned to your favourite hitapp. 


RTA or Real time Audit is a test question asked in between when are performing hits. When you get a pop up telling you about your answer was correct/ incorrect.  RTA hits are used for training purposes. That’s why they give you feedback. You’re not punished for getting them wrong.

Spam Hits

They are test hits. They have a predetermined answer set for the judges on the app. They provide no feedback to you. They’re basically hidden. The purpose of them is to prevent people from just spamming the HitApp (randomly selecting answers). It’s also used to test your understanding of the task. Spam hits are very important to get right. The more you get right, the more chance you have of staying on the app.

You are tested on how well you answer the spam hits. You’ll see something called “spam accuracy” on your report. This is the percentage of spam hits you got right.Spam hits are randomised and you won’t always encounter them. In a batch of say 1,000 hits, you might encounter just 100 spam hits. In those 100 spam hits, if you got 50 of those wrong, your spam accuracy would be 50%.

How not to Get banned on A Specific Hitapp on UHRS

The biggest blunder, most of the beginners on UHRS make is to get disabled on a specific hitapp. If you have been in such a situation where working on a particular hitapp you suddenly get a pop up stating 


We value your loyalty so let’s take a small break. You can come back to this hitapp tomorrow

If you get this message that means you are temporarily disabled from working on the hitapp for that day. Many users don’t even know that why did they get the ban. Either you answered the spam hits incorrectly or you were working too fast on the particular hitapp than you were supposed to be.

Moving on getting two temporary bans on a particular hitapp in a week will lead to a permanent ban on that hitapp and eventually you lose out access to working on that hitapp.

For further information on how to protect yourself on not getting unbanned you can read this post

How to Check Your UHRS Earnings

The work you do on UHRS can be checked by visiting the My Reports tab. The Report gets updated around 20 minutes. Sometimes the reports of some hitapps might not be shown, in that case you need to wait for some more time. 

Is UHRS Legit and Genuine

UHRS indeed a legitimate website, from the house Microsoft, goes under the radar of new people who question the UHRS platform to be a scam. They argue that on the platform they always have to do tasks or either known as “hits” in training and qualification before they can actually work on the platform.

The main motive of the UHRS platform is to complete certain tasks for companies. And we get paid for that. But in the Training and Qualification Stage of any Hitapp the answer is already shown before.

The real task will be given to you after you pass the qualification stage and in those questions sometimes we get Spam Hits as discussed above. And guess what we get paid for the spam hits too so there’s nothing like the UHRS platform is just making you work without pay

Is working on UHRS sustainable?

By sustainable, I mean that what skills do you acquire while working on UHRS. The answer is negligible skills if you already know about computers from. I know some of you might research a bit on different kinds of tasks like Search Relevance, but the ultimate thing is you only earn money from UHRS maybe a big amount but at the end of the day you didn’t get something knowledgeable.

I don’t want to demotivate you all just make sure you use UHRS just for getting the financial help and build up professional skills on your hobbies, or whatever you like to do. This will allow you to secure your future as you can’t be dependent on UHRS alone and make sure to diversify your money making sources.

Happy Earnings! 

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UHRS Registration Guide : Earn From Home Easily without Investment
UHRS Registration Guide : Earn From Home Easily without Investment

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