Clickworker Guide : How to Register and Earn Money in India

Clickworker Guide : How to Register and Earn Money in India

If you don’t know how to start earning in India without investment then this post will be beneficial for you. Today you will get to know about a website called Clickworker where you can earn some money sitting on your couch. In this article we will help you know how you can earn money from Clickworker in India and what are its earning opportunities.

Note: If you really want to earn some decent amount of money on Clickworker make sure you have the determination to do so. You need to eliminate your frustration and gain some patience before moving forward

What is Clickworker

Clickworker is an crowdsourcing company like which provides data services based on machine vision and conversational AI. In simple words it is a company that organizes human labor from all around the world and help companies which need to have human interaction. But wait what about the earning part?

If you just reverse the what we said it becomes, Clickworker is a money making website which provides with several jobs like proofreading, writing, translating, researching, data processing,etc. The people who do these tasks on like writing, translating, researching, data processing,etc are termed as Clickworkers

How to Earn Money with Clickworker in India

Is Clickworker available in India? Yes, clickworker allows people who live in India to register themselves as a clickworker and earn money from it. 

There are three ways to earn money from the Clickworker platform but on of them outshines all is the UHRS. UHRS is currently the easiest way to get access to the online money making without investing any money if you want you know more about UHRS in details by reading our Guide on UHRS

By doing UHRS tasks you can earn a decent amount in fact many people, have even reported to earn more than 30,000 INR a month. But this amount can fluctuate highly since the number of hitapps are not the same each month.

Clickworker Native Tasks

On the clickworker dashboard you will find some misc. tasks which will serve you an extra income. These tasks may be suitable for you depending upon your working taste. While it is worth mentioning that it takes some time to verify these tasks and hence you get delayed payment for it. 

How to Register Yourself At Clickworker Platform

  • Firstly, Click on this link to visit the Clickworker Registration Page and click on the signup button.


  • Secondly, You will be asked to enter your personal details. Once You select the Country of Residence you will be able to proceed with filling up the registration form



  • After you Click on the Signup button you will get a verification mail from Clickworker to verify the email address which you gave during registration.
  • Once you activate your account you will be asked to complete your profile wherein you have to fill up details like About Me, Languages, Skills, Hobbies & Know how. You will just need to take care while filling up the Language section because it will vary the number of hitapps on your UHRS account. 



UHRS Registration on Clickworker 

Once you activate your Clickworker account and fill in your profile details you are ready to give the UHRS assessment on Clickworker

  • Proceed on to Assessments tab on your Clickworker dashboard. 

    In Project Assessments, you will see UHRS assessments, you will need to qualify that assessment.

  • UHRS assessments tests your language and investigation abilities. It also tests your understanding of overall policies (which requires some attention to detail on the test page) and you need to set up your Live ID during this part.

Note : You can give assessment tests only once. Make sure you give both the assessments with full attention. Moreover if you don’t find UHRS assessment then UHRS opening is not available for you at present. You should look from time for the assessment

Clickworker Payment Method in India

Clickworker pays via the following Payment Methods.

  • Paypal*
  • Payoneer

Currently Clickworker is allowing Payoneer payments for new registrations

For UHRS the payment scheme of Clickworker is a bit long. First the work you do on UHRS for a specific week gets into your Clickworker account on Monday or latest by Tuesday.

The amount that gets into your Clickworker account is shown on the upper right column. There you can see your account balance is in two parts. One is marked as payable and the other amount is normally written.

Your Account Balance from UHRS becomes payable after 28 days from the date the invoice for UHRS was generated. 

Clickworker will pay automatically after the payable balance exceeds €5 / €10 on Wednesdays.

Clickworker Payment Proof

Clickworker Payment proof

Certain things you must take care of

Don’t use a Proxy or a VPN

Never by mistake use a VPN or proxy while working on Clickworker and UHRS both. If you did use VPN on the platform then it will lead to suspension of your account immediately. Many Clickworker users have reported the same

Don’t Create Multiple Accounts at Clickworker 

Creating multiple accounts at Clickworker is against their rules. If you share your internet connection with anyone else then make sure only one account at Clickworker is made else this too can lead to your account suspension.

Is Clickworker Legitimate Source of Income

The main source of earning from Clickworker is UHRS. Make sure you keep your eye at learning about the UHRS platform and its tasks. Once you are quick in it then earning 50K INR won’t be any dream for you. Just beware that everything is subject to tasks availability on UHRS. 

UHRS is indeed legit and so is Clickworker. 

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Clickworker Guide : How to Register and Earn Money in India
Clickworker Guide : How to Register and Earn Money in India

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