uTest : Earn Money From Testing | Similar to Usertesting

uTest : Earn Money From Testing | Similar to Usertesting
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What is Utest

uTest is a platform where users can test software, learn skills, and get paid for their work. You sign up and put the devices you have, android or ios, desktop, laptop, windows or mac. And they will invite you to test a product, for example a website or an app.

Utest is owned by Applause a venture-funded company that tests software and conducts usability feedback research.

Is uTest Legit or Scam?

Yes, uTest is a legit company that offers real paid work to freelance software testers around the world. On uTest, testers can work on paid projects for some of the world’s largest technology, lifestyle, travel and entertainment brands. Its becoming popular among money makers as it offers new experiences that help them learn something new

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it worth it to start on uTest in 2021?

Yes! Each month uTest pays out millions of dollars to testers around the world. Our book of clients is always growing, and testers are finding that the variety of work is also growing, as more and more companies figure out the best ways to go digital and then perfect that digital experience for their customers. In addition to our many opportunities to test the functionality of websites and apps, we’re seeing an increase in testing of voice-controlled technology, new integrations between in-store and online shopping, new and exciting mobile games and fantasy sports, new payment methods, and so much more. 2021 is a great time to join uTest.

How much does uTest pay per bug?

Specific bug payouts are confidential and differ for each project, but you are always able to review payout details before deciding whether or not you want to accept an invitation. Bug payouts also depend upon the value of the bug and the experience of the tester. For example, testers who are rated as bronze, silver or gold on uTest can earn slightly higher payouts for their approved bugs.
In addition to bug payouts, testers can also earn payments for approved test cases, user reviews, bug fix verifications, bonuses, and community contests.

Do I need to have prior testing experience to join uTest?

No, you do not need to have prior testing experience to join uTest and receive invitations to job opportunities. Every individual is welcome at uTest. The uTest Academy is where we will teach you everything you need to know about how to use uTest and how to test with us when you receive an invitation to a project. There are plenty of testers who join without any prior testing experience who go on to reach Gold rated tester status.
Even if you do not seek to become a “software testing professional”, some uTest projects don’t require any software testing skills. We encourage you to register and check us out! Browse our uTest Instagram or LinkedIn accounts to see some of our tester Spotlight interviews with testers around the world who are thriving on uTest.

How do I get started on uTest? How do I get my first project invitations?

After registering your account and confirming your email address, the best way to get started on uTest is to complete your Tester Profile. This is where you tell us everything about you and the environments (devices, subscriptions, payment instruments, etc) that you have available to test with. We use this information to match you with project invitations.
Once your profile has been completed, head to the uTest Academy. Here, you will find short, free lessons that will teach you how uTest works, including how your tester rating works and how to get invited to paid testing projects. Check out the “Talks with Jeremiah” course to get started. The Academy’s “practice test cycles” also offer a hands-on way for you to practice testing in a real cycle, but without any real clients involved. These practice test cycles can help you raise your tester rating as you get started.

How do you get rated on uTest?

All testers begin their uTest careers as Unrated testers. Your tester rating will begin to increase as you submit approved work – bugs, test cases, or reviews. On average, it may take about 5 approved bugs before you see your tester rating increase. Many testers find that just by participating in uTest Academy practice test cycles, they can rise from an Unrated to a Rated tester. Focus on high quality work and frequent activity on uTest.

How to improve your tester Rating on Utest

Declining project invitations (it’s better than ignoring your invitations)
Responding to Special Requirement Surveys
Confirming other testers’ reported bugs through replication
In general, focusing on high quality work and frequent activity will allow you to climb the ranks all the way to Gold, which accounts for the top 7% of all of our testers!

Do I have to pass the uTest Academy before getting paid projects on uTest?

No, you do not need to pass the uTest Academy before receiving paid project invitations on uTest. You can apply to projects and accept invitations, even as an unrated tester. But you may find that you are more comfortable participating in the projects once you have learned in the Academy how uTest works and how to test with us.
If you are invited to participate in a uTest project before you complete the Academy, we recommend carefully reading the project Overview and scope, to see if you think you are comfortable in your ability to participate. You can always decline an invitation that you receive, if you don’t feel ready. There is no negative impact on your rating for declining a cycle. In fact, it can give your rating a small boost to decline a cycle, rather than
a) accepting it but not participating or
b) ignoring the invitation.

How can I get more invitations to paid projects on uTest?

If the number of invitations you’ve received hasn’t met your expectations, follow these important tips to help increase your invitations to paid projects on uTest:

Complete the uTest Academy, including the practice test cycles. Participating in our free training program prepares you for participating in real testing projects. It also improves your visibility to those who are looking for testers to add to their testing teams. Passing the practice test cycles will help you increase your tester rating, which will lead to more invitations.
Update your Tester Profile. The more devices, subscriptions, loyalty programs and payment instruments you claim within your Tester Profile, the more opportunities you will have to be invited to testing projects where those environments are in demand. While there are many opportunities where you only need a mobile phone or a computer to participate, there are also tons of opportunities for you to test with your streaming entertainment subscriptions, your smart TV, your gaming console, your debit card, your automobile… or any number of other testing environments!
Login often. Keeping your account active is extremely important when it comes to receiving invitations. If you haven’t logged into uTest in 3 months, our Test Engineers may not consider you when looking for testers to invite to a new project.
Check the uTest Projects Board often to see what new projects may be a good match for you. We update the board daily with new job opportunities, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to apply for a project! We also feature a selection of these projects every week on our uTest subreddit.

Are there advancement opportunities on uTest?

There are many advancement opportunities on uTest. In fact, there are many employees who started off as freelance uTesters and rose through the ranks before being hired full-time by Applause.
Not only can testers advance from Unrated to Gold-rated, but testers who show talent and display leadership can be invited to train as a Test Team Lead (TTL), where they can become a part of the teams who help run test cycles. TTLs can in turn be promoted to Test Engineers (TEs), who themselves can be promoted to TE2 or TE3, each with increasing levels of responsibility and client interaction. Test Architects (TA) are full-time employees of Applause who are most often promoted from the TE3 position. Interested to learn more about each of these positions and roles.
In mid-2021, the uTest Community Management team also introduced the role of Community Engineer, and those offered this position are hand-selected from within the uTest community.
We have Director- and Senior Manager-level employees who began by joining the community as freelance uTesters. Check out our subreddit as we’ll be frequently spotlighting our colleagues who started as testers!

Can you work at uTest as a full-time tester?

While it may take some time to build up the volume of invitations that would enable you to become a full-time uTester, there are many people in the community who have done so. Further, hundreds of testers have been promoted to Test Team Leads and then Test Engineers and have made uTest their full-time freelancing job that way. On uTest, hard work is noticed and rewarded with more opportunities!

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uTest : Earn Money From Testing | Similar to Usertesting
uTest : Earn Money From Testing | Similar to Usertesting

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