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What is Quadrant Resource

Quadrant resource, which was founded in 2004 is a company providing Technology Services, Cloud Computing, and Data Analytics . It recently launched its crowdsourcing project, under which it offers UHRS access, just like Clickworker, Datamime, Oneforma, Lionbridge,etc.

If you don’t know about UHRS, then here is a brief intro of What is UHRS. UHRS stands for Universal Human Relevance System. It is a Microsoft owned platform which offers a portal that specializes in completion of certain tasks for companies. If you want to know about UHRS in detail you can read this article

How to Join Quadrant Resource UHRS

If you want to earn money by becoming a Judge on UHRS through Quadrant Resource then here is a tutorial with how to register on the Quadrant Resource platform

Firstly, Visit the Quadrant Resource Crowd website by clicking this link

Once you visit the Quadrant Resource crowd website click on the Signup button on top right

Enter your Details in the registration form and click on the register button. Make sure you are entering your correct details including your email address

You will receive a confirmation mail for verifying your email address. Verify your email by clicking on “Verify your Email address”

After confirmation login to Quadrant Resource crowd website

To get the UHRS access on Quadrant Resource follow these steps

  • Fill in your profile information. Filling 70% profile is mandatory to get the UHRS access
  • You need to fill in Profile, Personal Information, Education, Hobbies, Work Experiences, Certifications and Language by clicking on the submenu under Profile Information tab
  • Once you fill up at least 70% of your profile and sign the NDA ( Non Disclosure Agreement ) you will gain access to the UHRS assessment. 
  • The UHRS assessment comprises of is easy to complete. It comprises 15 MCQ which you will have to complete within the specified time limit.
  • The questions will test your knowledge on the basic English language. To pass the test you will have to score a minimum of 80% within 3 attempts.
  • The next step involves in creation of your Microsoft live ID. Quadrant Resource will provide you with the credentials of the ID. You’ll need to visit to create that ID. 
  • Enter your details, and make a live ID with the same credentials.
  • Upon creation you will have to verify that ID. 
  • You will have to verify the OTP sent by Quadrant Resource on that mail ID
  • Once the verification is done, you will receive a mail stating UHRS access has been granted to your account

You can start off working on UHRS through Quadrant Resource instantly after that mail. In rare cases you will have to wait till the next day if there is no UHRS account on the live ID.

Quadrant Resource Payments

Quadrant Resource Payment cycle and Pay Date are as follows

  • All crowd workers will receive their payments for working for the full month on 5th of the subsequent month. For example if you work on UHRS through Quadrant Resources from 1st to 31st July you will be paid by 5th August
  • The actual amount that you will be receiving after the taxes payable are deducted will depend on the exchange rate on the date of payment.
  • The best part about Quadrant Resource is that it will pay for the smallest amount since they don’t have any minimum withdrawal amount
  • Quadrant Resource Payment Method – Bank Transfer for Indians and PayPal for people outside India 

Quadrant Resource Payment Proof

Here is one of the bank transfer payment proof from Quadrant Resources

Quadrant Resource Payment Proof

Final Thoughts on Quadrant Resource Crowd Website

Quadrant Resource is a new player in the UHRS game which is a strong competitor to other UHRS vendors like Clickworker, Datamime, Oneforma, Lionbridge and others since it offers almost same number of hitapps which we see on the UHRS platform through Clickworker.

Due to the high number of hitapps I even saw certain hitapps on Quadrant Resource UHRS which weren’t available on others. 

Finally, it serves as great platform for increasing our Earnings on UHRS given with the benefits of working on your favorite hitapp even if you are disabled on other UHRS platforms

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Work from home with Quadrant Resource UHRS
Work from home with Quadrant Resource UHRS

  1. Then why they delay their pending payments? This is the month of August till I have not received June and July payment. I have mailed them about that. But they really do not care about my mail. So what to do now?

  2. I see Quadrant Resources are delaying payments from many users but I myself and many other users of Quadrant Resources were paid for the July month a couple of days back.
    On other note did u request payment in Paypal or a bank transfer in Quadrant Resources?

  3. Did u check your payments now as they have processed the payments who were complaining for the June and July Payments


    • i am not receiving verification code from quadrant resource.
      and second hand i try to contact with quadrant resource,they didn’t gave a perfect solution .they are just saying everytime same thing like we changeing website blah blah etc.after that they didn’t gave reply of my other emails.

  5. Well Quadrant Resources is having issues with payments most times. You will get paid. But they keep on delaying the payments

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