Tips on How to Work on UHRS and boost your earnings

Tips on How to Work on UHRS and boost your earnings

I have often seen people asking other UHRS judges on how do they make so much from the UHRS marketplace. Well before I reveal all the information on how to increase your UHRS Earnings I would specify that I have been working on UHRS since a couple of week only

Yes, you read it right. Actually my priority was to juice out some pocket income or what we refer as beermoney. So I kept an eye on what other people were advising to earn more. I compiled all of their suggestions and also made some more outlook on how well the marketplace performs to juice out maximum money in less time.

Here are some insights that will be useful if you are not making the amount of money from UHRS that others are making.

Make multiple UHRS accounts by signing up with Multiple Vendors

Well this suggestion itself is debatable. As far as many people concern over the fact that you shouldn’t work at a different vendor other than Clickworker else you will be banned from working at Clickworker.

If you just install multiple browsers, or even that’s not needed you will just need to make multiple profiles in your Chrome browser and use 1 vendor in 1 profile / browser you will be safe.

I personally have  made UHRS accounts from Clickworker, Quadrant Resource, Oneforma, Lionbridge in the 15 days timespan and the result is desirable. You will have choice to work on your favourite hitapp if you get disabled on a certain day.

Things to take care of while making UHRS accounts from multiple vendors

1. Making accounts with multiple UHRS vendors is a normal case and you have to use you identity only. Don’t ever make multiple accounts under the names of you and your family members. Just use your ID on each platform

2. You will have to use 1 browser per UHRS vendor

3. Don’t share your internet connection with other UHRS workers for working on the UHRS platform. You shouldn’t use public Wi-fi for accessing UHRS.

But you shouldn’t use this option to exploit the marketplace. As some people will think of passing the qualification test of a certain hitapp honestly and answer the hits roughly without even thinking. Beware that UHRS is owned by Microsoft and their algorithm can detect that and you will end up losing your UHRS account.

Qualifying for an HitApp on UHRS

Well this is an overwhelming question asked from many starters on the UHRS platform. I know you might be like when you see a hitapp on the UHRS platform with many hits the only thing comes let’s finish it fast and get some extra money.

This is where most of us fail sometimes it might happen that the new hitapp may give some charm to our UHRS report by increasing our Total Earnings. But many a times we jump on to the Qualification for the hitapp without even understanding it. If you follow the steps of Understanding Guideline- training – Qualification. You might know whether the hitapp is for you or not.

You need to accept the fact that if you didn’t understand what was given in the guideline for the respective hitapp then it isn’t for you. In case you feel that the hitapp is of good rate you may give it a try. Else target those hitapp which are worth giving your time. Just bookmark those hitapp which are good for you.

Keep an Eye At the Good Hitapps only

Many people make the mistake of doing any hitapp randomly without even analysing their pay. Some hitapps with good pay come and go. I agree with that. But you need to target the good hitapps only with your eagle eye. I personally don’t do any hitapp that pays below 0.01$.

Sometimes hitapps pay amounts like 0.1$ but take a lot of time in completion like 2 or 3 minutes which amounts to 3$ per hour. There has been a surge of these kinds of hitapps these days. It depends upon personal taste and choice that 3$ per hour is a good rate for them or not


Make an Habit to Check for New Hitapps

While it is no longer a hidden fact that most hitapps are added at a certain time. While it may not be accurate to say that hitapps are added at specific time only since on some days good hitapps can ring the doorbell at any hour.

But the probability of the new hitapps being added in the marketplace is highest on these 3 time phrase. The time mentioned are in Indian Standard Time (IST). First batch around 7 a.m, Second and most rigorous batch around afternoon at 1 p.m. Although a mate at Reddit pointed out that time to be 12.30 p.m IST. And the third batch around 7.30 p.m

Most of you will be looking at the 12.30 p.m batch but you know that it’s the most competitive batch. Hitapps that come with 300K hits disappear as if they didn’t even exist. Many of us including me targets that batch as you might be lucky on some day to juice the maximum output.

While I have not got much tries in my 15 days of work at UHRS to experience the morning hits. Thanks to late night tech.  For that one morning instance I got an hitapp that paid me around 3$ till I was temporarily disabled and it was pretty easy to complete.

While the night shift is ignored but its golden for me at multiple instances

I was checking one of the hitapp that I was qualified for , thanks to NDA that I can’t disclose the hitapp’s name. The hitapp mentioned to have 5 hits and I tried my luck. At two instances of reopening the hitapps I was able to complete 5 hits. And in all my tries I completed a total of 30 hits. Do remember that it kept showing 5 hits all the time.

Here the lesson is to take out the hitapps with low hits that gets regularly updated during a specific time. The hit apps that work for me has the same criteria it will show 5 hits all time. but at the end of the day I manage to complete 50 hits in a short period of time at least.

You need to work hard to analyse to earn smartly, else even working much hard and giving full time to UHRS you won’t be be able to earn what you should be, thanks to low paying hitapps

UHRS on the Go

Have you ever thought of doing UHRS when you are travelling? UHRS can be much better than paid surveys when we account for good hitapps in terms of pay for per hour. I have started doing UHRS in free time and travelling and the result is amazing. You can even make 3-4$ in 10 min if you get a good hitapp

Moreover you can use your smartphone as a Hitapp watcher whenever you feel that there is a good hitapp you can do it on your smartphone else switch to your PC for better results

Beat the Spam Score on Hitapp

Spam Score is awarded for the spam judgements you give on a specific hitapp. Spam Judgement is done to check how well you are doing the hitapp. They will ask the same question and they may/maynot show the correct answer of the spam judgement. Mathematically spam score equals # Correct / # Total of Spam judgments in the given time period

The only way to increase spam score is to read the guideline to align yourself to the hitapp. Do the hit around the specified time limit. Rushing through hits will lead to a temporary disable from working on the hitapp, Getting temporarily disabled 2/3 times in a span of 8 days will lead permanent suspension.

Here’s an insight from a Redditor who goes by the name SingularityRS

There’s 3 possibilities:

1.    ⁠If you get 2 temporary blocks and manage to trigger another block within the same 7-day timeframe as the other 2 blocks, the next block will be permanent.

2.    ⁠If you get 1 temporary block and manage to trigger another block within the same 7-day timeframe as the other block, the next block will be permanent.

3.    ⁠You are manually blocked by the HitApp owner for any reason they deem appropriate. These can be temporary or permanent. They can hit you at any time even if you haven’t done any work on the app for a while. This is because the block is applied by a human rather than a machine.

For possibility 1: the 3rd kick is permanent if all the blocks happen in a 7-day window (e.g. Day 1, 3 and 6).

For possibility 2: the 2nd kick is permanent if all blocks happen in a 7-day window (e.g. Day 3 and 6).

The 3rd is self-explanatory. Manual blocks are rarer. Most blocks are automatically applied when certain conditions (poor spam accuracy, going too fast, answers deviating from the average etc) are met.

Waiting 7 full days after the first temporary block is the safest way to avoid automatic (what most judges get) permanent blocks. This is because of possibility 2. As you read, some apps will automatically permanently block you on the 2nd kick if there hasn’t been at least a 7-day gap between each block.

You can risk it and allow yourself to get another block, as a lot of apps follow possibility 1, just know you’ll be taking a risk by doing so. You may permanently lose access to some apps following that method because some apps will be following possibility 2. If you always wait 7 full days after the 1st block, you will rarely, if ever, get permanently blocked from HitApps. I’ve not had one in over a year now. All mine are temporary.

It’s important to also note that there is no total block limit. Not that we know of anyway. If you follow the wait 7-day recommendation, you will find yourself getting temporarily blocked way more than 3 times on the same app. I’ve had many temporary blocks on the same app. None have led to a permanent block yet. There’s no “3 strikes and you’re out” policy. The “2/3 strikes and you’re out” is only if all the blocks occur in the same 7-day window. That’s what you need to avoid. If you space out the blocks, it’s unlikely you’ll be permanently blocked.

Key Learning: To avoid getting permanently disabled from a particular hitapp on UHRS you need to wait atleast 8 days from getting first temporary ban.

Invest more time on English Learning

Let’s be honest for most of us English is a language that we rarely use and for some even if they considered themselves professionals have found difficulty in understanding the real meaning of certain hits due their native words. For some people who are natively using English as their mother tongue they wouldn’t find this as a problem. To get the full use of UHRS you need increase your English Proficiency level.

Keep Doing Qualification tests

Most of us don’t touch the qualification test of those hitapps which have nearly no Hits. Make sure to do so as clearing the training and qualification exam, even if there are no Hits available, will in increase your efficiency. As when the hitapp will be filled with new hits you can start yourself with that hitapp right away.

Keep in mind that you should qualify for a hitapp in the given number of attempts if you fail in all of your attempts you will be permanently disabled from working on that specific hitapp. To be on the safer side just don’t attempt the last qualification test. For eg: If you have a specific hitapp with 3 qualification attempts you can safely attempt 2 of them. But attempting the 3rd qualification attempt will be do/die situation for you.

Don’t worry most hitapps reset the attempts if you are not qualified in a few days

Final Thoughts on Maximizing UHRS Earnings

If you are honestly doing your work, with full dedication UHRS is helpful in earning your amount that you keep imagining. To make the most out of UHRS, you need to find apps that have slow hit depletion rates. The slower hits deplete on a given app, the more money you’ll make from them. For example, if an app comes out and it’s really good, but it has a hit depletion rate of say 100k hits/h. That means, in order for the app to stay for an hour, it’d need at least a batch of 100K hits. Anything less than that is going to go much faster. On an app with a crazy high depletion rate like this, 1k hits is not going to get you far.

If the app has a slow depletion rate, say 500 hits/h, then a 1k batch might stay for about 2 hours. It’s rare for apps to have depletion rates this slow though. If an app depletes this slow, it’s usually because it has some major problems (kicks you quickly or is broken).

It’s getting difficult to find good apps nowadays. The really good apps, the ones that pay good and are relatively simple, have insanely-fast depletion rates. A 20k batch can disappear in 30 mins or even less. It’s crazy.

You’re often left enduring the bad apps because they actually stick around longer for obvious reasons. Those can be grinded out, at the likely expense of your mental energy.

Last thoughts… Please maintain your honesty while working on any online platform because if you rush and don’t even take qualifications seriously  we whole as Indians will be axed on working on a certain site just because some people mischievously went on to Earn some dollars. Latest example being Teemwork. So keep being honest and you will end up printing digital currency.

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Tips on How to Work on UHRS and boost your earnings
Tips on How to Work on UHRS and boost your earnings
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