Earn Money With Datamime – Another UHRS Vendor

Earn Money With Datamime – Another UHRS Vendor

UHRS as we know is crowdsourcing platform from Microsoft. To access UHRS and earn money from it you need to Sign up with UHRS vendor. Datamime is one such UHRS vendor 

What is Datamime

Datamime, owned by ZEN 3 Tech, which is now acquired by Tech Mahindra is another UHRS vendor like Clickworker, Quadrant Resource, Oneforma, etc. Datamime crowdsources workers around the globe on their platform for UHRS aka microtasks that power real world applications of AI. They are a member of Fortune 50 companies and have members from over 100 countries.

How to Get UHRS access on Datamime

DataMime currently offers UHRS tasks in languages including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Indonesian and Japanese.

Getting UHRS access through Datamime is instant. It hardly takes a few minutes to register yourself on the platform and get started

Visit the Registration link by clicking this link

Datamime Payments

Datamime Pays out its user every month

What is the Payment Cycle of Datamime?

A: 1st to 30th or 31st of every month

How to Check Datamime Earnings?

A: Please go to My Report on UHRS and check your monthly earnings by changing the date range from 1st to 30th or 31st

When will I get my Payment from Datamime?

A: Within 10-15 working days after the end of the payment period

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ID: Wait for 40s

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