How to Earn 1000 Per Day Without Investment Online In India

how to earn 1000 per day without investment

Earning money online is easy if you know the right opportunities, whether you are a student or a working professional looking to make some extra money you can earn a decent amount. Let us take a look at some genuine ways to make money online which anyone with basic knowledge of the Internet can do.


Crowdworking refers to working for crowdsourcing company which pays you for doing various tasks.

Here are some of the companies that offers the same


Appen is a 20 year old crowdsourcing company that gathers workforce to get certain tasks completed and you get paid for doing those. To earn money from Appen you will have to signup on their website as a Appen Contributor. They recruit members for various projects which generally pay 3$-5$ hourly.

Read More about Becoming a Appen Contributor


Clickworker is a money making website which provides with several jobs like proofreading, writing, translating, researching, data processing,etc. It is one of the most favourite UHRS vendors available in the market. With Clickworker users are making decent amount of money, while it won’t be viable to say a monthly income from Clickworker as it all depends upon the work availablity, still one can expect to earn 500$ or ₹35000 monthly from it, while the most coming from its UHRS

Read More about becoming a Clickworker


Datamime, owned by ZEN 3 Tech, which is now acquired by Tech Mahindra is another UHRS vendor like Clickworker, Quadrant Resource, Oneforma, etc. Datamime crowdsources workers around the globe on their platform for UHRS aka microtasks that power real world applications of AI. They are a member of Fortune 50 companies and have members from over 100 countries. The only way to earn money from DataMime is to work on UHRS, and can be seen as supplement to Clickworker’s UHRS

Read More about registering on Datamime


Oneforma is one of the freelancing companies which have a lot of high good paying jobs available regularly on its site. Although the platform UI and its methodlogy of applying jobs may be a little labourer but it stands out better than its competitor like Appen

Click here to know more about Oneforma

Quadrant Resource

Quadrant Resource is a site similar to likes of Clickworker, Datamime, etc as it is too a UHRS vendor. The only thing that differentiates it from other is no minimum payout. Which means even if you have earned 0.1$, i.e, 7INR, you will get that in your Bank Account or PayPal

Click here to read our guide on Quadrant Resource 

Telus International

Telus International is one of those site which I will recommend the most out of all  the sites in this post. The reason being if you quailfy for any of their mid-long term projects you can make out money at fixed hourly pay which is usually 3$ for starter jobs and can range more than 10$ per hour.

  • Teemwork
  • Toloka

Search Engine Evaluator(SEE)

If you like to browse the Internet here is an opportunity for you. You can make money by being a Search Engine Evaluator in which you have to rate the relevance and quality of the search results of different search engines.

Your job is to rate the relevance of a search result and the page quality based on the Guidelines provided

These are the companies where you can work as an evaluator

  • Lionbridge ( now merged with Telus International )
  • Raterlabs
  • Appen
  • Isoftstone.

Social Media Evaluator

You can earn money by giving your opinion on ads you see on Facebook and Instagram, you just need to have at least 50 friends or followers to avail this opportunity.

These are the companies hiring social media evaluators.

Maps Analyst

Working as a maps analyst you have to judge the accuracy of the search results for various queries it is similar to Search Engine Evaluator but instead of normal search queries you will rate queries related to location.

These are the companies where you can work as an evaluator.


You have to listen to audio files and type them with the help of tools provided. You need to have good grammar and punctuation to do this work.

The companies hiring for transcribers are as follows

  • Rev
  • Transcribeme
  • scribie
  • castingwords


If you are multilingual and are good with grammar and punctuation this is the opportunity for you. Some places hire experienced translators whereas others hire newbies as well

These are the companies hiring translators

  • Rev
  • Telelanguage
  • Welocalize
  • Argosmultilingual

Testing Websites

You can make money by testing website to see if they have any bugs and reporting them. You have to follow the specified instructions and you are good to go.

The following website offer this position

Paid Studies and Research is used for studying the market which can be simply termed as market research. In this category of work you agree with the researcher to do certain tasks which may consist answering some sets of questions, which is then used by the market researcher to study the different behaviours regarding certain tasks as a whole and then use it for research purposes. Or sometimes you may be asked to commit for a long term diary study. In case of diary study earnings are more since you are giving more time.

  • Dscout
  • Respondent
  • Sona Systems
  • Testable Minds


Last but not the least is freelancing putting your skills to use and making money of it any skill you have could be monetized online to earn consistently, you can do video editing, graphic designing, logo designing, content writing.

The easiest way to monetize your skill is to signup in any of the freelancing website where you can find many opportunities awaiting to reward your skills.

The following are some of the freelancing websites

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Peopleperhour
  • Freelancer

Bonus Tip Paid Survey Sites

Paid Survey sites offer you the opportunity of making some extra money by giving your opinion to them. This work requires patience rather than giving more time on it. Survey Sites can be beneficial for those who want to generate some extra income while travelling or they have some free time. You can also visit SurveySitesInIndia to know more about Paid Surveys

Here is the list of the paid Survey Sites

All these opportunities are highly competitive as more and more people are looking to make money online as a result of the pandemic. If you can successfully  leverage your skills you can make consistent income jobs for students to earn money without investment in india online jobs for students to earn money at home in india online jobs for students to earn money in india online jobs for students to earn money at home without investment online jobs for students without investment online jobs for students in india earn money online without investment for students in india online jobs from home for students how to earn 1000 rs per day without investment online how to earn 1000 per day in india online how to earn money daily online without investment ean rs 10,000 per day without investment how to earn 100 rupees per day without investment earn 2000 rs per day without investment online jobs without investment daily payment how to earn money online without investment fo

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How to Earn 1000 Per Day Without Investment Online In India
How to Earn 1000 Per Day Without Investment Online In India

  1. Appen and Lionbridge are the same now !!! Kindly update

  2. Hey, recently Lionbridge AI was acquired by a company called Telus International, which is a Canadian company and Appen is based out of Australia and both Lionbridge and Appen are still both very different companies.

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